Electrical Testing

It is essential to ensure the safe operation of any electrical installation. At CAD-Electrical we carry out several electrical tests to all of our installations ensuring that our customers are safe and that they receive the highest quality installation. For further peace of mind, we also issue a NIC EIC electrical installation certificate for all installations that we carry out. We not only test our own work, we also offer a variety of electrical testing from fault-finding, thermal imaging which highlights any build up of heat within an installation, data logging to help find any load unbalances, peaks & troughs in the voltage or just to see exactly the amount of electricity you are consuming and Electrical Installation Condition Reports. With this, we can offer various tests & inspections to your installation and compile a report based on our findings. If any remedial works are required we can then discuss costings for the remedial works to help you achieve a fully compliant and safe installation. If you have any concerns regarding your installation please click on the link below to leave your details and we'll get back to you to discuss...



Have used CAD for over 10 years now great Company pleasure to work with

Neil Cassidy